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06 Jan

It hardly believable when someone suggests to you that they can effectively clean your house environment using only salt lamps. Such a suggestion would seem insane to you but if you give them the opportunity to prove themselves you will be shocked at how much they will achieve in making your house clean by only utilizing a Himalayan salt lamp.

What is a salt lamp? No matter how many lamps you possess in your premise, wouldn't you require more lighting? Since most people are not used to this lamp, a lot of them are always wondering how it can make their houses look smart. If you possess a salt lamp, then you might already have discovered that it is one of the most important pieces of your home. How comes this is so? Since the salt lamp has some air purification properties, it improves the health of the people present in the house on top of its aesthetic elements, read more!

If you are wondering the source of the salt lamp, then its main source are the foot hills of the Himalayan mountains. The Himalayan mountains are a pre-historic site where the volcanic eruptions that occurred ages ago promoted the accumulation of important minerals contained in the salt lamp. Once you build a lamp from the minerals from these regions, you are utilizing powerful ionizing components that highly purify the air.

The salt lamp is made by structuring it into a wooden stand and then drilled to produce a hole that can hold a flame. They are made in different shapes and sizes according to the preferences of the customer. When used while in the interior of the house, the heat produced by the flame makes the salt lamp to emit some particles that are negatively charged. These negatively charged particles are the ones that aid in purification of the air in the house. Know more here!

How does the salt lamp achieve such an action? The air that we breathe in has various components. There are both harmful and beneficial air particles surrounding us that cannot be viewed by the naked eye. The toxic particles are the majority in the air and are positively charged. Since salt lamps produce harmful particles, they get rid of the harmful positive particles from the air creating a clean atmospheric condition. 

Other than the advantageous effect of salt lamps in purifying our air, they make our homes look presentable. The advantages of a salt lamp are very many and is an excellent item. If you want to learn more about Salt Lamps, visit

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